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Sevastyan Teterin
Sevastyan Teterin

Faces Of Illusion: The Twin Phantoms Download] [serial Number]

the next day, natsu, wendy, happy, carla and erza set off to magnolia where they meet the fairy tail mage ryumin who has been recruited by levi. meanwhile, the guilds in the city are shocked when they see that the astral spirytus is actually in magnolia. the guilds then confront levi who reveals that they are under threat by deneb and the group head for the astral spirytus. eventually they find a way inside and find the remaining key, which is revealed to belong to levi.

Faces of Illusion: The Twin Phantoms Download] [serial number]

they then head for heidel land where they find its guardian, a statue of a huge phoenix. after talking with it, levi realizes that the key can only be used inside a particular tree. they then head for heidel and head inside where they find the third and final key. but just as they get ready to open the gate, the astral spirytus attacks.

jiren then prepares to finish off vegeta, who gives up on life in order to save goku. vegeta asks jiren to stop, noting he still has yet to master ultra instinct, but is ended when jiren proceeds to finish off goku, giving vegeta the upper hand. vegeta, however, says to jiren that his pride matters more than his life, before proclaiming his intention to stay alive. jiren states that he has reason to hate the saiyan race, but vegeta tells him this is different; vegeta is no longer the annoying kid his fight with him in beerus' universe. jiren accepts his reasoning, and vegeta says he will prove him wrong. he then begins to absorb goku's life energy. with vegeta's help, jiren uses his abilities to increase his speed, gaining the upper hand over vegeta. with his new speed, vegeta is able to fire off several high-speed punches, but jiren responds to these with extreme speed and crushes all of them with ease. he then charges a barrage of ki blasts at vegeta, prompting him to unleash his full power on jiren. vegeta unleashes a ki blast at his enemy, but the attack is reduced to just a tiny point of light. before vegeta can attack again, he is forced back by one of jiren's blasts, making him stop his attack and pass out. in the end, vegeta and jiren continue their fight until jiren knocks him out. jiren tells vegeta he does not have to die, and vegeta says he does not intend to, that he is ready to die, rather than lose his pride. as his pride is a huge part of his life, jiren decides to not kill vegeta, instead just rendering him unconscious. vegeta then awakens later with goku, and they take jiren in for questioning.

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