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Audiophile Golden Vocal Song Of The Year [VERIFIED]

The title track has a more alive saxophone part, with morenoise audible in the empty spaces between notes. Warnes' voicehas a more full body to the lower registers in parts. Her voicesounds more realistic on all the tracks, but it's tough pick upon during the more complicated ones. During the less busy Joanof Arc, the improvements in vocals are more noticeable thanon the first three songs. We also get to learn why Leonard Cohenis better known for his songwriting than his vocals. The tinklingbells at the beginning are resolved more clearly, along with theextra noise that goes along with the more extended top-end. Asalways, we also find the bass guitar and drums to have more punchto them here.

Audiophile Golden Vocal Song of the Year


I could go into the rest of the tracks, but the pattern ispretty well set at this point. The more complicated arrangementsoffer the least improvement, but you do get more kick to thebottom end and resolution at the top. The songs biased towardvocals parts show off more substantial enhancement in midrangereproduction that are often obscured by the instruments. My ownlikes on this recording favor the big production numbers, whichshow only marginal improvements overall. Still, the enhancementsmake it easier to fall into the recording instead of justlistening to it go by you, and how much is that worth? I thinkI'd buy this one again, knowing the magnitude of the change, butI certainly wouldn't feel that left out if I had the olderversion and never upgraded.

Ocean heavily distorts his vocals on this song from his blond album and shifts dramatically to a much slower beat about halfway through. His lyrics consider a past relationship and whether or not it would work out if he and his ex reconnected.

Frank Ocean is a highly unique and vocally versatile artist. All his songs, though especially his best, are lyrically poetic and musically dynamic, often playing with themes of duality and reflecting on past loves.

Its popularity has led to many releases over the years. After United Artists was absorbed into EMI/Capitol in 1980, "The Gambler" was reissued on vinyl and cassette on the Liberty Records label. Several years later, Liberty issued an abridged version of the album, removing the track "Morgana Jones". EMI Manhattan Records released "The Gambler" on CD in the 1980s. An 'Original Master Recording' from Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs was released on vinyl (audiophile edition vinyl). Finally, "The Gambler" was released on Rogers' own Dreamcatcher Records in 2001 as part of the Kenny Rogers "Original Masters Series."

And of course, we couldn't leave out the soundtracks this year. So we're releasing Naakt Over De Schutting (Naked Over The Fence), the soundtrack to the 1973 Dutch movie, for which Ruud Bos composed a fantastic blend of jazz-funk, easy-listening, soul-jazz and vocal pop-rock.

Just as there is a great woman behind any great man, there is a great band behind any great singer. There is no exception to that rule here. The Carter orchestra featuring Arc Sano (piano) provides the superb accompaniment for the lady on every track. You may say that this is yet another cover CD and you have heard all of these songs hundreds of times -- well it is not your typical album. Think for a minute how beautiful and meaningful all of these songs are. If performed properly they always sound so wonderful no matter how many times you hear them. All of the songs receive the most care and excellence by this talented vocalist.

With beautiful music and vocals, this is a real slice of the divine for you to absorb, body and soul. If you like quality music and a songbird that does each individual track the justice it deserves, wait until you hear this album, it will knock your socks off.

The limited hand numbered edition of 500 LP audiophile blue premium vinyl with gimmix foldout cover and bonus golden CD & 999 Cardboard sleeve hand numbered audiophile golden CD will be released on May 17th on Dark Companion Records.

So sparse you can almost hear the empty space in the studio, with sinister rhythms and hushed, spoken-word vocals, each track is more like a chapter in a book than a song. 25 years later it still sounds totally fresh and like nothing else ever recorded.

The late, great Terry Callier was an icon and inspiration to many; his work on Cadet Records with Charles Stepney and Elektra in the 70s made him a cult artist. After coming out of musical semi-retirement and returning to the stage in the 90s, Terry's light continued to shine, wowing both old and new audiences with the exquisite beauty his music and voice channelled.Following his stunning performance at the 2008 Meltdown Festival, curated by Massive Attack, Terry teamed up with the legendary British trio, which resulted in Hidden Conversations'. Massive Attack's Robert Del Naja co-wrote Wings, John Lee Hooker', and Live With Me. The combination of Robert Del Najas haunting production and Terrys captivating, emotive vocals fused beautifully. Terry collaborated with the producers Christopher Grabowski and Mark Hardy on the remaining other songs on the album. WingsSunset BoulevardHidden ConversationsJohn Lee HookerLive With MeOnce I Dreamed Of Heaven

Cementing herself as one of this years breakthrough artists to watch, Los Angeles singer-songwriter Em Beihold released her debut Egg In The Backseat EP via Moon Projects/Republic Records in July 2022. Available for the first time on vinyl, this 12 EP is pressed on Duckie Yellow vinyl. Featuring the RIAA platinum-certified hit single Numb Little Bug. SIDE A:1. Goo 2. Numb Little Bug 3. Porcelain

John Prine once said, Bob Dylan opened the door when there was no door, and then left it open for others to come through. When Jack Torrey and Page Burkum, aka The Cactus Blossoms, found that door, they walked right through it. "Dylans music was a friend and guide to me in those early years and has continued to be an artistic home base for me and Page, Torrey says. "His songwriting on the Nashville Skyline and New Morning albums are such departure from his mid-60s rocknroll poetry, and they really comfortably fit into our wheelhouse without us having to imitate his unique style."On their EP If Not For You (Bob Dylan Songs Vol. 1) The Cactus Blossoms reimagine four songs from the Bob Dylan songbook. Vol. 1 draws from Dylans early catalog and filters his work through the lens of the brothers signature harmonies and lush arrangements, adding new layers to these familiar classics. Pressed for Record Store Day on blue vinyl.

In August 2017 I was 5 months sober and DIIV hadnt played a show in almost a year. Our friend Ric helped us set up an intimate acoustic show in a theater in our hometown of brooklyn. We decorated the stage with stuff from our houses and played our home videos on a tv. We invited our friends and family and played some songs from our first two albums and some other artists songs that felt important to us as a band. It felt like some kind of reset. We recorded the show and forgot about it for a bunch of years. We recently found the recordings and thought people might want to hear them. I think of it as a kind of official bootleg I guess. Our friend Jarvis mixed it and our friends Parker and Jim made the art. enjoy. Zachary Cole Smith

inspired by a conversation between Dirty Projectors band leader David Longstreth and Björk about the small theaters in Italy where opera was born in the 1500s, the original seven-song collection was written to be performed unamplified in a small Manhattan bookstore called Housing Works. The result feels like part children's story, part choral music from some strange future. It's unlike anything else in the Projectors' body of work: drums and guitars are all but absent. It's all about voices here and the voices are astonishing. Björk sounds seismic and elemental and Longstreth, sharing lead vocal duties, intones with his trademark croon. The Projectors' singers Amber Coffman, Angel Deradoorian and Haley Dekle add magical 3-part vocal harmonies.

The recording was informed by the simple, direct feel of early rock n roll recordings from the '50s. The band and Björk rehearsed for three days at the Rare Book Room in Brooklyn, then recorded the songs as quickly and as live as possible, overdubbing only lead vocals and solos.

Almost all of these songs, from their first single "High School Yum Yum," to their REO cover "Keep On Loving You," haven't been on vinyl since their original release, if at all; rare photos and memorabilia plus track-by-track commentary and liner notes (on the enclosed insert) by all four band members make Early Singles 1995-1999 truly indispensable for Donnas fans. Remastered for LP by Mike Milchner of Sonic Vision, and pressed on metallic gold vinyl (cuz these trax should have been gold records!) and limited to 2000 copies worldwide. This golden version is available only at record stores as part of Record Store Day.

The band has had various line-up changes over the years but the songwriting nucleus of Brad Wynn (guitar,) and Joel Lind (vocals,) remains constant. Completing the band is the rhythm section of Jim McNab (bass,) and Eric Kreinar (drums.) Together this constitutes the longest running and most faithful line up. Stylistically drawing from the hard and heavy bands of their adolescence and distilled in alembic of the modern world, El Quatro is the dirt under your nails, it is the perpetual beltway snarl, it is unrequited love….it is the world of broken dreams made whole again by loud, unforgiving rock-n-roll. It is truth.

The Grateful Dead performed more the 2,300 concerts, and of these many live shows, a three night run in May 1977, spanning three cities on the East Coast, is arguably the Dead's greatest trio of shows: May 7 in Boston, MA, May 8 in Ithaca, NY, and May 9 in Buffalo, NY. These three shows, along with their near-equal from May 5 in New Haven, made up the long-ago sold out box set "Get Shown The Light." The last two nights of this run have been released on vinyl in previous years, and we're thrilled to add to the canon the magnificent Boston show. From its opening, playful Bertha, through a flawless first set featuring Cassidy, Jack Straw, Mississippi Half Step, The Music Never Stopped, and many others, the Dead are clearly having a wonderful night in Bean Town. The second set is filled with then-new and older songs from the Dead's catalog, including Terrapin Station, Estimated Prophet, Eyes Of The World, and Wharf Rat, amongst others. A spectacular show from start-to-finish, Boston 5/7/77 is one of the most upbeat, accessible shows the Grateful Dead ever performed. 041b061a72

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