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Scan2cad Pro 7.1 WORK

in addition to its flexibility, scan2cad has a wide customer base that spans industries and functions. from manufacturing companies to non-profits, small businesses to large tech organizations, the list goes on. businesses come to scan2cad for a variety of reasons but all need a quick and easy way to manage their tasks. some use it as a streamlined way to manage their calendar and email. some use it to manage their brainstorming and planning sessions. others use it for their development, project management, and team management.

scan2cad pro 7.1

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scan2cad is committed to scaling while simplifying. while other orgs might have impulsively added staff and square footage as their customer base grew to 90,000+, scan2cads team remains small (fewer than 25 people, including contractors!) and distributed. while other firms might rush to introduce new products and markets, scan2cad is keeping laser focused on one product for two core audiences.

for a company that sells a tool to convert raster graphic files into vectors with technical information embedded, they needed something to handle the technical content. kennedy and his developers quickly began creating their own, homegrown, hosted version of the tech info around the same time he acquired scan2cad.

in 2010, kennedys company acquired scan2cad, bringing with it a product that already had traction in the market and an audience of loyal users. however, kennedy had a vision of a more powerful tool. he wanted to develop something that would not only handle the conversion of raster files to vector files, but also handle the technical content within those files. kennedy says his company is pretty geeky, so we designed something from scratch.

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