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Roline Usb To Serial Converter Driver Windows 7

I'm banging my head against the wall trying to get this to work. Here is my scenario. I have a host server with about 5 Win7 x86 VDI sessions. I'm using ESXi 4.1 and view 4.5. I have a thin client from Wyse and one from 10zig. I'm doing a POC to use these old serial printers with thin clients. So I'm attempting to use a Sealevel 2105R converter. I plug the device into the thin client and the USB device install starts, but the device is unable to find any drivers. Something fails in the process during the install of the hardware. A RS232 adapter does show up in the device manager, but it does not function. I tried with both thin clients and has the same results.

Roline Usb To Serial Converter Driver Windows 7

I'm wondering if the DB9 connections aren't intended for serial communication. Some devices will show up when plugged in via USB as a Serial Device with a COM port assignment (may require a driver installation from them). Perhaps that's what they mean by serial/rs-232? If so, their documentation (that I've found anyway) isn't very helpful.

Like I mentioned before though, I'd be tempted at this point to try using the USB connection on the UPS and install their driver. Windows may be able to see, and allow you to treat it as a serial device via that method. 350c69d7ab

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