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Complete Shibari Volume 2 - Sky By Douglas Kent.pdf !FREE!

Complete Shibari Volume 2 Shibari is the Japanese-inspired art of tying a subject to not only immobilize them, but to do so elegantly and beautifully creating an intimate and erotic experience for both the subject and the person tying. Adopted by rope enthusiasts all over the world, shibari literally to tie or to bind is a cornerstone of erotic rope art and the subject of captivating performances and photographs. However, in-depth resources for learning the art are difficult to obtain, making shibari intimidating, obscure and difficult to master... Until now. The Complete Shibari series is the most complete and accessible English-language guide to shibari ever published. Author Douglas Kent strips away shibari's mystery and reveals how to create visually stunning compositions with rope and the human form, in your own home or play space. About Complete Shibari: Sky Complete Shibari Volume 2: Sky builds on the material from Volume 1: Land and explores the spectacular techniques of erotic rope suspensions. Complete Shibari Volume 2: Sky is a ground-breaking, must-have book for anyone interested in taking their rope play to the next level, and into the air! Douglas Kent is the award winning author of The Better Built Bondage Book and has been active in the BDSM community for over a decade - tying up pretty much anybody he can get his hands on. He is passionate about sharing his love of kink and Shibari; and hopes that his Complete Shibari series will make the beautiful and sensual art of rope bondage accessible to everyone. Paperback: 96 pages.

Complete Shibari Volume 2 - Sky by Douglas Kent.pdf


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