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Klim Afanasyev
Klim Afanasyev

[S4E13] Princess Cookie

When the hostage taker asks who he is, Jake replies that "I'm the milkman, and I am here to give milk to the hostages." The hostage taker lets him in, and after Jake gives out bottles of milk, Finn tells him to yell out "Alvin's hot juicebox!" when throwing the milk at the Cookie at the last hostage delivery. Jake then tells him to relax and asks the Cookie what's wrong. The cookie then reveals that he lived at the Candy Orphange.

[S4E13] Princess Cookie

The Cookie then tells Jake to stop, but Jake says they're going to jump the Candy Gorge. Princess Cookie then forcefully stops Jake. After stopping him, the Cookie says that he can't do this. The Banana Guard is seen closing in. The Cookie then willingly falls into the Gorge in an attempt to end his life. The Banana Guard is then seen taking pictures of the Cookie. The scene then flashes to an Insane Asylum. The Royal Tart Toter is seen crawling on the walls and the Cookie, along with another Candy Person are playing Chess. Jake then comes in and says that there is a delivery from the Grass Kingdom. It is a crown, and Princess Cookie takes it, proclaiming that he's a princess. The other people of the Asylum then bow to Princess Cookie.

Un cookie prend en otage les clients d'un magasin du royaume de la Confiserie. Finn et Jake sont chargés de le mettre hors d'état de nuire. Mais Jake se prend d'amitié pour ce criminel, qui rêve de devenir une princesse depuis qu'il a rencontré la princesse Chewing-gum dans son enfance.

Basically, the played poor Climb like a fiddle, so I can hardly blame him for it. I can only hope that he somehow realizes the truth and finds a way to strike back, particularly at his traitorous princess.

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