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What is Asian Handicap? Guide on how to play Asian Handicap for bettors

Although just a form of secondary bet, Asian Handicap is currently being favored by many players in their football betting endeavors. This type of bet allows bettors to place bets while the match is in progress, which leads to higher odds compared to other types of bets because you have time to analyze the match. So what is Asian Handicap, how to play it? Let's explore in detail with football betting tips telegram channel in the following article!

What is Asian Handicap?

Asian Handicap (or commonly known as Running Ball) is a type of bet opened while the match is in progress. Unlike other main or side bets in football betting where players place bets before the match begins, with Asian Handicap, bets can be placed while the match is ongoing. Therefore, playing this type of bet requires bettors to watch the match and monitor the odds movement simultaneously.

Asian Handicap does not have official timeframes like Half Time or Full Time. Any time during the match can have Asian Handicap bets, and the duration of this type of bet is very short. Hence, the betting community often says, 'As long as the ball is rolling, we're still in play,' which is quite apt.

Asian Handicap can be opened with various types of bets, including over/under bets, Asian handicap bets, and also Asian Handicap bets.

Because of this, the odds for this type of bet are not fixed like other types of bets.

The advantage of Running Ball is that the bookmakers will open the odds based on the developments of the match. Therefore, if a bettor follows the match closely and bets accordingly, the odds of winning will be very high. Many people wait for the Asian Handicap odds to open and immediately place their bets, expecting to win big. However, the disadvantage of this type of bet is that the odds are not as high as other types of bets.

Guide on how to play Asian Handicap for beginners

Perhaps many of you aren't familiar with betting on Asian Handicap, but it's quite understandable as this type of bet can be somewhat complex. Right here, we'll provide the most detailed guidance on how to play Asian Handicap for beginners.


When playing Asian Handicap, you need to understand its symbols to recognize when the bookmaker is opening the odds. Thus, in Asian Handicap betting, you'll come across the following symbols:

Red and green arrow symbols on the odds: If these symbols appear, it means that the odds are changing. The odds are about to be opened.

HT: Half Time – indicating the first half of the match.

FT: Full Time – indicating the second half of the match.

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On the left-hand side of the bookmaker's odds board, the time of the match will be displayed. For example, if it shows H1 11’, it means the match is in the 11th minute of the first half. The bookmaker may open the Asian Handicap odds at this time.

How to Play Asian Handicap

To play Asian Handicap, you need to observe whether the bookmaker has opened the odds. When the word 'Running' appears on the odds board, it means that the odds have been opened. At this point, the odds will change to suit the ongoing match.

At this moment, bettors must quickly make their choices. To select an option, you must click on the corresponding odds, enter the bet amount, and then click 'Place Bet.' The bookmaker's system usually only accepts bets for a few minutes, so you need to bet quickly. After placing the bet, wait for the result in the upcoming minutes.

How to Calculate Winnings

For Asian Handicap bets, the calculation of winnings is similar to other types of bets. The formula to calculate winnings with positive odds is: Return = (bet amount × odds) + (initial bet amount).

Sharing effective Asian Handicap betting experiences

Below are some tips on playing Asian Handicap from top experts:

  • If the handicap odds are only 0.25 or 0.5, and the bookmaker offers a 1-ball handicap in favor of either team, it's advisable to bet immediately. This is because the teams are evenly matched, and scoring a goal against the opponent's net is highly likely.

  • If the match is dynamic with frequent attacks, and the bookmaker opens a corner betting Asian Handicap of 1 to 3 corners, it's worth betting.

  • Avoid betting on Asian Handicap in the last 5 minutes of the match. At this time, regardless of the match situation, it's rare to see goals scored.


Above is the article from a reputable bookmaker to guide you on how to play Asian Handicap in detail. Hopefully, with the experienced information above, you now know how to play this type of bet. Please keep following our website for more interesting betting knowledge!

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