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Roxio Easy Cd Dvd Creator 6 Serial Number

This was already supposed to be on my laptop but for some reason, it in gone, drug out the installation disk and it absolutely refuses to accept the CORRECT SERIAL NUMBER just keep showing a red x YES I TYPED IT IN EXACTLY SEVERAL TIMES USING A DESK LAMP TO SEE VERY CLEARLY THE SERIAL NUMBER ON THE BACK OF THE DISK SLEEVE, there is no damage or anything to the serial number it looks brand new.

Roxio Easy Cd Dvd Creator 6 Serial Number

11-AA11A-AAAA1-AA1AA that is the exact format of the serial cd key# the only one that is questionable is the last number in the last set of 5 of the CD Key# it looks like this 0 not this O one is oblong the other is round. oblong = zero, round = the Letter O,

VHS-DVD 3+ purchased at Best Buy contained a 2nd BBY serial number. The way it was supposed to work was they validated it at the store when you purchase. But I could not find one BB store that knew anything about it. After 4 days back and forth between Roxio and Best Buy, FINALLY Roxio gave me a new Key, to work one time, so I could install the software. My profile on Roxio identifies the original key that did not work.

I have bought 2 roxio easy cd&dvd burning programs over the years. the first one was #1. the next one was, CD,DVD&BLU-RAY Burning,Coping & Ripping. Both times I have had problems with my cp, I had to reinstall the program. I soon found I could not reinstall this program because of the key . I have called and they sent me a new key that did not work on eather cd. I have a new compurter and I would like to install this program. I am verry upset with this problem . I want it repaired. If you can not repair this problem, I will take this matter up with the better busness, further I will post it on facebook. This is an ongoing problem with your company. I have read it in your reviews. FIX IT! My e-mail is Please help me with this problem. Thank You. First Key CD KEY # SK-QVPZ5-SKZDC-YOYCO TSID #724832064333 P/N 150230-00EF. The Newest one is CD KEY # 0N-7GTV0-F30MM-9RC5Q TSID # 727252514341 P/N 150402-00UN I bought both programs at Walmart in Raynham, Ma.

I recently updated Windows 10 Pro to the Fall Creator's Update. Since then, I installed the full package of programs from the new Roxio Creator NXT Pro 6. One of the last installation steps is that the loader installs Corel WinDVD 12. So far, so good, right? Once WinDVD 12 is installed, when I click on "About", it shows "This copy is registered to:." ... basically no one. NOTE: This is a legitimately purchased Roxio disk. Then, when I select "Check for updates", the software takes me to a web page showing there is a Service Pack 3 update for said software. I download it, run the install program, and during installation of the 'update', it removes the WinDVD 12 icon off my desktop and says, "Invalid serial number". This has happened multiple times.

I even went as far as to purchase ANOTHER copy of WinDVD 12 from the Corel online shop. That software, even though it showed the NEW serial number (from the additionally purchased copy), still had the same FINAL results when I tried to update it with the SP3 from their official website -- removed the desktop icon of my purchased version and stopped with "Invalid serial number". I've emailed tech support and EVENTUALLY got a remote session set up last week. The tech spent about 80 - 90 minutes rummaging around my computer, doing basically what I had already done (downloading update, trying to install, getting same result, etc.) and finally said, I'll have to bump this up to level 2 tech support. I hope I'll hear from them this coming week sometime but thought I'd jump on this forum to see if anyone else has had similar problems and hopefully found some solution.

My guess is that either the update doesn't play well with the latest Windows 10 Pro update - OR -- there is a problem with the SP3 update recognizing legitimate copies of WinDVD and installing and updating instead of complaining about invalid serial numbers.

Unfortunately the CD sleeve only had 3 keys -- Creator, Paintshop Pro, and AfterShot...nothing listed separately for WinDVD or Roxio Burn, yet both of these installed WITHOUT asking/prompting for serial numbers. The first 3 (Creator, Paintshop Pro and AfterShot), DID stop during installation and ask for serials, so i don't think that is the full problem. Also, as I mentioned, I used a separate copy (with serial key) of WinDVD and the SP3 update gave me the same result -- deleted the installed WinDVD and said "Invalid serial number".

The SP3 updater complained about a serial number, and deleted the happily working WinDVD 12 from my computer. [The program folder was still in Program Files (x86) but was now quite empty!]

FWIW, it still isn't "fixed"...I just received and attempted to instal Creator NXT6 Pro, and the WINDVD issue with "upgrade SP3" that you all are having (invalid serial #)is only ONE of the many, many issues I have with this piece of work. Just for giggles and grins, I tried to install JUST WINDVD after SP3 so graciously uninstalled it , and it wouldn;t ecen install, saying it was the wrong serial number (I tried all three from the DVD case; none worked) I am becoiming more and more DIS-enchanted with Roxio-touched stuff. The only pieces I know are working from the entire package are the 32- and 64-bit versions of Paint Shop Pro.

After performing the steps above, reboot your computer, sign back in, and try installing again using your serial number. The serial number authentication routine should go through and check out this time and the installation will initiate. 350c69d7ab

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