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How To Make And Launch Your Own Telegram Bots With These 2 Free Tools UPDATED

2 Free Telegram Bot Maker to Create, Publish Custom Telegram Bots

Telegram bots are automated programs that can perform various tasks for you, such as sending messages, answering questions, creating menus, and more. You can use Telegram bots to enhance your communication, entertainment, business, or education. But how can you create your own Telegram bot without coding? In this article, we will introduce you to two free online platforms that let you build and publish your own Telegram bots easily and quickly.

How to Make and Launch Your Own Telegram Bots with These 2 Free Tools

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Manybot is a feature-rich platform for bot creation that combines power with simplicity. You can create your own bot by talking to the official @Manybot bot on Telegram and following its instructions. You can also use the web-based visual editor to design your bot's interface and functionality.

With Manybot, you can:

  • Send messages to your subscribers in any format: text, images, videos, files, etc.

  • Create custom commands that let your bot reply with predefined or random messages.

  • Design beautiful multilevel menus that let your users interact with your bot without typing.

  • Add more admins to help you manage your bot.

  • Automate posting from your blog or YouTube channel to your bot.

  • Choose from 6 display languages for your bot's system messages.

To learn more about Manybot, visit


SmartBotsLand is another online platform that allows you to create and customize your own Telegram bot using web services. You can use the web-based administration panel to build and manage your bot easily and securely.

With SmartBotsLand, you can:

  • Create different types of bots: chatbot, quizbot, gamebot, etc.

  • Add various features to your bot: buttons, inline queries, keyboards, etc.

  • Integrate your bot with external services: Google Sheets, Zapier, Webhooks, etc.

  • Get support from the SmartBotsLand team to launch your bot.

To learn more about SmartBotsLand, visit


Creating your own Telegram bot is not as hard as it may seem. With these two free online platforms, you can build and publish your own Telegram bots without coding. You can use your bots for various purposes and have fun with them. Try them out and see what you can create!

How to use your Telegram bot

Once you have created your Telegram bot, you can use it in different ways. You can:

  • Share your bot's username or link with your friends, family, customers, or audience.

  • Add your bot to your Telegram groups or channels to enhance their functionality and engagement.

  • Use your bot as a personal assistant, a chat partner, a game companion, or a learning tool.

  • Interact with your bot by sending commands, messages, or queries.

  • Give feedback to your bot's creator and suggest improvements or new features.

How to update your Telegram bot

If you want to change or improve your Telegram bot, you can do so easily with the platforms we mentioned. You can:

  • Edit your bot's settings, messages, commands, menus, etc.

  • Add new features or integrations to your bot.

  • Test your bot's performance and functionality.

  • Publish your changes and notify your users.

How to delete your Telegram bot

If you want to delete your Telegram bot, you can do so by following these steps:

  • Go to the platform where you created your bot and delete it from there.

  • Go to the official @BotFather bot on Telegram and send the command /deletebot.

  • Select the bot you want to delete and confirm your choice.

Note that deleting your bot will erase all its data and settings. You will not be able to restore it later. If you want to keep your bot but stop using it temporarily, you can use the command /setprivacy to restrict its access to messages. 04f6b60f66

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