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Sevastyan Teterin
Sevastyan Teterin

Novakiller 1.9: A Malicious Program That Pretends to Be a Professional Exe File

this is a dream synth! it has a clean sound and elegant vocal. the organic modulation is really good. i love the knobs. it can't be modulated because the oscillators are set up as a ring modulator. this ring modulator is really easy to use.

novakiller 1.9

Download Zip:

this is a perfect entry synth, you can get some great sounds out of it! good sustain, clear sound. i love the raw sound. this is synth is like a wooden baby's toy. i think you can get a lot of expression out of it and is very easy to get sounding good. i think the sounds are easy to modify and blend. i'd say this synth could get more 'complex' but it's a good synth, very good for beginners.

this is a good synth, but it's not for everyone. you have to be good with sounds. this synth is not for more complex music, but if you can use oscs and modify the oscillators, you can get cool results with this synth.

novakiller is actually not terribly strong. his claws alone are enough to break though most of nova's armor if he is not wearing it. his/her overall power is really his sai, which is the most powerful attack in the game. one novakiller could easily kill two normal ones. because he is in the same group as nova and ace killer, novakiller can execute nova's "signature move", a move which makes him more powerful. although it is not used that often, the move itself allows novakiller to attack faster and even be able to charge his super move.

i started the novakiller project on gw2 mmo when i was younger and while i was in elementary school. i then joined a group of hackers and was introduced to nova. i made my first model in 2007 of nova with some reshuffled ideas that were given to me and well the result was a happy nova of mine lol. i did my first novakiller model in my free time over on also, while on, i tried to implement one of nova's signature moves in it but i failed lol.

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