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3 Accurate Corner Kick Prediction Experiences You Should Know

When a football match takes place, there are various forms of betting involved. Apart from handicaps, Asian handicaps, or over/under, predicting corner kicks today also attracts the attention of many bettors. If you want to beat the bookmakers and make profits, you shouldn't overlook the corner kick prediction experiences best football betting tips shared in the following article by the betting tips site – Wintips.

What is a corner kick bet?

To accurately predict today's corner kick, we need to understand the nature of this type of bet first. Corner kick bets, also known as Conners, are a popular form of betting in online football betting. When betting in this way, players don't need to worry about the result in terms of the scoreline; instead, they focus on the number of corner kicks taken by both teams in that match.

This form of betting is favored and chosen by many due to its simple and potentially rewarding nature. With this style of play, you can choose various betting options such as: betting on over/under corner kicks, the first or last corner kick, corner kick 1x2, or corner kick handicap betting. The odds for each bet will depend on the specific match.

How to accurately interpret corner kick odds

Playing corner kick bets is similar to playing over/under. Whether you win or lose depends on the total number of corner kicks from both teams in the match. You win on over bets when the number of corner kicks placed is higher than the bookmaker's set threshold, and you win on under bets when the number of corner kicks placed is lower than the bookmaker's set threshold. Here are the two most popular types of corner kick bets today:

Corner kick handicap

Similar to handicap betting, after analyzing and statistically comparing recent performance data of both teams, the bookmakers will offer odds. The favored team will handicap the underdog team by a certain number of corners. For example, in a match between England and Italy, if England gives Italy a 2-corner handicap, and if England takes at least 3 corners more than Italy, you win; if the difference is 2 corners or less, you tie; and if the difference is fewer than 2 corners, you lose the bet. Check out the hottest football betting odds page in 2024 now.

Total corner kick bet

This type of bet is similar to over/under betting. The bookmakers will set the odds for the total number of corner kicks for both teams, and players will choose whether the total corner kicks will be over or under the set odds.

Tips for Corner Kick Betting Today

The majority of individuals engaged in corner kick betting often rely on luck and make betting decisions based on intuition. Very few people consult, research, and analyze the statistical data of both teams before making a decision. That's precisely why they keep playing without ever tasting the sweetness of victory. Let's enhance our corner kick betting skills today with insights soccer tips sites from experts at Wintips shared below.

Betting on the Team Taking the First Corner Kick

Before placing a bet, you should study and analyze the statistics of both teams in recent matches. Some teams always seek an early goal by intentionally earning early corner kicks. In matches with a significant difference in strength, it's advisable to choose the stronger team as they will likely dominate the game with an aerial play style.

Betting on the Team Taking the Last Corner Kick in the Match

Watch the match live to grasp the situation on the field. If it's a one-sided match, it's better to bet on the stronger team taking the last corner kick. In matches between two evenly matched teams, observe which team is more eager for a goal; this team will actively attack towards the end of the match and likely earn the final corner kick.

Experience in Over/Under Corner Kick Betting

In major leagues like the English Premier League, Bundesliga, and Serie A, it's wise to bet on the over/under corner kick market. Consider this especially in leagues with low corner kick ratios like the Russian league, Argentine league, etc. Place your bets early as the first corner kick often appears around the 8th minute. Moreover, if there were no corner kicks in the first half of a match, the likelihood of an abundance of corners in the second half is high.

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Although corner kick betting is considered a secondary market, it still attracts the attention of many bettors. Despite being easy to play, achieving consistently high winning rates is not simple. Hopefully, the corner kick betting tips shared in this article from the betting advice website – Wintips – will help you defeat bookmakers more frequently. Read more betting insights at Wintips.

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